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DV-2020 Visa Bulletin.

6:44 AM 9/17/2021

Visa Bulletin is published each month by the U.S State Department for the benefit of the American visa applicants. This visa bulletin used to come with much useful information for the benefit of the USA visa applicants including the USA diversity visa lottery winners too.

In this visa bulleting there is a special section available for the DV Lottery visa applicants. This is for the selected winners to proceed with their winnings in the visa bulletin each month according to their birth region. Cases numbers of the current DV program are published with cut out numbers for the next coming two months. So the winners with the case numbers under the cut out numbers can expect that their case numbers will be current in those months and those winners can expect to receive the second letter for the interview in these months normally 4/6 weeks prior to their interview dates.

In the main visa bulletin section in the U.S State Department website there used to be current visa bulletin, last published one and the archives of many visa bulletins from previous months to the past years too. Usually the visa bulletins are published in the first week of every month in the American Government's official website.

The DV lottery interviews used to start in the month of October and finish in the month of September next year, you must check within these months in the current fiscal year visa bulletin. Cut out numbers of the case numbers that are going to be current for the 6 regions will be published separately every month. Also in the visa bulletin some countries in the Africa region will have their own case numbers as cut out numbers. Some European countries too get them in separate field with their case numbers that are going to be current in the coming months.

Visa Bulletin

After the month of July many regions sector will show as current. That means no new numbers will be called for the DV Lottery interview for that fiscal year as the allocated visas are exhausted. So those who are with case numbers those are higher than the current numbers must consider themselves as unlucky and can try for the next visa lottery program to get an American visa through the online visa lottery program.

Those who are living in the USA and had been selected as winners for the dv-2022 must check this visa bulletin according to their region and when it becomes current they can contact the USCIS office to submit their application to change their current status to the American LPR status.

Visa bulletin for the month of September had been already published for the benefit of DV-2022 American green card lottery winners in the American Government website. Visa bulletin for the DV-2022 will be published from the month of August 2021.

Check Visa Bulletins

For your easy access of the DV2022 visa bulletins you can check the dvlotteryhelp.com web site for it every month.

American Visa Bulletin.