DV Lottery Help

Passport Requirements For DV Lottery.

DV Lottery applicants are requested to have their passport to apply for the DV-2021 draw. This is to protect the applicants whom used to apply through Agents. When they are selected for the draw the Agents used to demand lot of money. If the original applicant don't pay the required money the agent used to sell the details to a person who resembels the original appplicant for arge some of money. Now with the passport is attached to the entry this malpractice can't be continued.

Only Primary applicant need to provide the passport details.
Passport is not necessry for the dependants, when filling the E-DV Entry. (Spouse or Children)

DV-2021 Application Forms will be provided from 02nd October 2019 and will be closed on 5th November 2019.

Each and every applicant must provide their passport details in the dv 2021 E-DV entry when they are entering their details to participate in the draw.This may be a good idae from the State Department to protect the selected winners of the DV-2021 winners from the scam agents. But lot of people don't have their passsports to apply for the draw. While in some countries it may take long time to get their passsport. Some time it may not arrive before the application closing date. In some African countries it will cost lot of money to make their new International passport. In Sri Lanka new passport can be obtained in one or two months time with normal processsing fee of SLRs 3,000/-. A person can use the one day service to get his International passport through one day service in Sri Lanka and it will cost him nearly US$ 100, if he can provide all the required documents. So lot of people may miss the chance to apply for this year DV Lottery program due to not having their valid passport in hand.

Don't try to cheat the officials by providing false passsport details. If you are selected as a winner, you have to provide suficent information for the change of the passport number to the KCC. Then only they will alocate your visa interview date. Otherwise your entry will be refused and the visa application can be rejected.

Required Passport Details for Online filling.

  • Valid, unexpired international travel passport
  • Passport number.
  • Country of issuance.
  • Expiration date of the Passport.

What documents are NOT accepted as Passport.

  • Internal passports, issued by some countries.
  • Emergency Certificates.
  • Expired Passsports.
  • Entering false, inaccurate, or invalid passport number on your DV application form will result in your case to be disqualified or your DV application refused.

Who are excempted from entering the Passport number. (Refer DV-2021 instructions)

  • Stateless applicants.
  • Ntional of a Communist-controlled country and unable to obtain a passport from the government of the Communist-controlled country.
  • Beneficiary of an individual waiver approved by the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State.