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Multiple Entries Will Disqualify DV Winner.

Submitting multiple entries to the American Diversity Visa Program is considered as a serious violation under the DV program. A person is allowed to submit only one entry in any given year program with his name as primary applicant. Earlier the administrators used many kinds of sophisticated methods to detect multiple entries.

Many people were fooled by their agents who want to make money by submitting lot of applications for a person.

DV Lottery Instructions

Now these kinds of activities can't be carried out as the system will detect if a second entry is submitted with the same primary applicant and the entry will not be accepted. The system will display text message saying that an entry is already in the draw system.

So there is no way to submit more than one entry in the DV-2019 American visa lottery program in this year 2017.

Even if a person had managed to enter multiple entries and had been selected as a winner in the draw, he will be disqualified at the time of his DV interview, when he go for to get visas from the US Embassy.