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American DV Lottery program is conducted annually by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) under the guidance of the U.S .State Department. KCC provides the DV Lottery entry form through the official website and they used to keep the entered applicants and the dependants details in the dat base of their computers.

Green card lottery program, diversity visa lottery program and the DV lottery refer to the same U.S. Government visa lottery program which used to be held every year to provide 50,000 immigrant visas to the eligible winners who are selected through the computer random name selection. Computers in the KCC used to select the winners in the random name selection from the submitted entries through their computers and mark each of them with a case number.

The popular name Green card lottery doesn't give the winner a green card right away. The winners who were selected as winners in the diversity visa program didn't win a green card but they were given a chance to apply for an immigrant visa.

Successful applicants who pass the visa interview will be issued with an immigrant visa and immigrant visa holders will attain legal permanent residence or green card status upon admission to the United States. There they must do their paper works with the officials to get the LPR status.

Many people do not qualify through the employment based or family based immigration programs to live in the USA, the most common way to enter the USA and to obtain a green card is via the Green card lottery program, if the applicants are born in eligible countries.

To take part in the green card lottery you must send your application electronically to the Kentucky Consular Center through the E-DV entry during the green card lottery application form submitting period.

Here is the announcement from the DOS regarding KCC.

US DV Lottery

"The Department of State has only one Kentucky Consular Center. Other organizations using similar names have no connection to the Department of State or KCC. There is no fee charged by the Department or KCC for sending an entry to the lottery program. Applicants selected in the Diversity Visa random drawing will not be sent with the postal letter, NOT e-mail. The results will be available only in the internet and are provided instructions on how to proceed to the next step in the process, if you are selected as a winner for the green card lottery program.

See our Fraud Warning. A Diversity processing fee is only charged when a winning lottery entrant applies for the Diversity visa. At the time of the visa application at a U.S. consular office, each applicant (the DV entrant and any accompanying family members) will be charged a DV processing fee and immigrant visa fee. Both of these fees are non-refundable if the visa is refused. If the visa is issued, a separate visa issuance fee is then charged for each visa.

The application period for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Visa Lottery) usually takes place between October and December each year. Information on the lottery usually is released early September. When information is available on the Department of State website, you can access it by clicking on the link."

KCC can provide information for the winners of the DV Lottery till their cases become current. After that the Consular offices and the USCIS office will take the responsibility for to provide information.

KCC contact details for the Green Card Lottery Winners.

Kentucky Consular Center (KCC)

Phone: (606) 526-7500

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST

Email: KCCDV@state.gov

When you are contacting the KCC, you must include your name, birth date and case number exactly as they appear in the Entrant Status Check (ESC) website.