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Future of The DV Lottery?

Future of the DV Lottery program is in the hands of the American President and in the hands of the US Senators too. On the other hand there is one Irish group that wants the program to go on, without harming the security of the USA. So we have to wait and see what is in the future for the American diversity visa program. So if everything goes smooth the DV-2021 American visa lottery program can accept entries in the year 2019 from eligible entrants from all over the world.

American Green Card lottery which got the official name as diversity visa lottery program is now in the news. After the new American President took the oath as the new President of the USA, he wanted to fulfill his election promises. So he made a new Executive Order that had affected 7 country citizens where these countries have pre-dominantly Muslim religion followers.

US Airport came to a standstill after the authorities had banned people from these countries from entering in to the USA. Many of them had Green cards while lot of them had double citizenship along with the American one. All of a sudden the US courts started to rule against the New President’s E.O citing the US fundamental laws against religious sects and the E.O is in air and people are moving freely through boarders.

In this controlling of immigrants in to the USA got many adverse effects from its citizens. But there are some Senators are favoring the President's acts while they too want to put their own ideas in to action with the immigration program. According to this recently two American Senators said they want to scrap the popular DV Lottery program which provides 50,000 immigrant visas to foreign country people including to those banned 7 country citizens.

As per the law experts, this banning of the DV Lottery program can't be implemented within a day through the E.O as the earlier one against the refugees and the immigrants is in limp. If it should be to be sanctioned through the Senate house then it will be a long process. In the past this banning was proposed in the Senate house and Senators couldn't take action against the Green card lottery program.

So the dv lottery program will continue as long as most of the Senators support it. There will be no danger for it in the near future. You can expect the next lottery to take place in this year. Good Luck yo you to have a peaceful life in the USA through this diversity visa lottery program.

Source: bbc.com