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Corrected E.O From the American President.

The newly sworn American President sent shock wave around the world when he introduced an E.O that disallowed 7 Muslim country people from entering in to the USA. Furthermore it stated that the people of these 7 countries who are having Green card and Dual citizenship too were barred from entering in to the USA. Thousands of people including executives, students, sportsmen and other top level professionals too were affected by this new E.O and were stranded in airports on their arrival here.

There after legal disputes arisen and there were some relaxation applied. But lot of Americans demonstrated against this decision.
Now the President’s office came with a corrected which is popularly called as E.O 2. This time Iraq born people had been removed from the banned country list. So the banned country list will contain only 6 countries in the list. Secondly exemption will be applied to the existing American visa holders and the ban may be applied only to the new visa seekers from these countries.

The new E.O 2 is published and it is provided by DHS. Now you can view it in the internet through the official websites.

The new E.O 2, puts travel ban to the U.S. for 90 days from six predominantly Muslim countries namely as Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Now the new E.O excludes Iraq, which was included in the previous E.O.

The order will take effect from March 16, 2017 does not restrict legal permanent residents, or green card holders, from re-entering the U.S. This order will allow people who had visas by Jan. 27, the date the first order was signed, or earlier to enter the U.S. It also revokes the earlier order.

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