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Attending DV Interview in Colombo.

12:58 PM 7/30/2021

Attending the American DV Lottery Visa interview in Colombo? Then read this page and the provided websites to process your visa interview successfully. You have limited time only and must obtain the visas before 30th September otherwise the selection will go null. Now DV-2021 winners are being called for the interview according to their case numbers.
But as per the visa bulletin all the visas had exhausted. From October 01st the DV-2022 winners will be called for the interview according to their case numbers. And it will close officially after issuing the visas on 30th September 2022.

DV lottery winners in Sri Lanka must check the visa bulletin pages from the month of August to see when their case numbers are going to be current. They may get the second letter 4/6 weeks prior to the interview date or will be called by phone to collect the letter.

  1. Have to make arrangements to do their medical examination according to the US Embassy instructions.
  2. They must make arrangements to do their Sri Lanka police clearance according to the US Embassy instructions.
  3. Police clearence from countries if had stayed there for more than 06 months.
  4. Make arrangements to provide their Examination Result certificate through education ministry according to the US Embassy instructions.
  5. Prepare to pay their Visa processing fees to the Colombo US Embassy, according to the US Embassy instructions.
DV Lottery Interview in Colombo


All DV applicants are requested to bring the following documents. Documents should be arranged separately for each applicant in the same order.

A) Documents necessary for all DV applicants

  1. Passport
  2. Original Birth Certificate & photocopy
  3. English translation of Birth Certificate & Photocopy
  4. Original Marriage Certificate & Photocopy
  5. English translation of Marriage Certificate & Photocopy
  6. Original Divorce Certificate – Decree absolute & Photocopy (Only if applicable)
  7. English translation of No. 6 (Only if applicable) & Photocopy
  8. Original Death Certificate & Photocopy (Only if applicable)
  9. English translation of No. 8(Only if applicable) & Photocopy
  10. Medicals Reports & only one photocopy of the reports
  11. If the applicant has lived in any other country for more than six months police clearance report from that country is required
  12. Bring 2 Color Photographs -2" X 2" front view, white background
  13. Police clearance Report.
  14. Fee per person -US$ 330/-or around Sri Lankan Rs.45,000/-
  15. Apply for your G.C.E O/L certificate from the Examination Department at Pelawatte, Battaramulla. Every applicant at the Examination department is given a yellow card to pick up the results sheet. PLEASE DO NOT PICK YOUR RESULTS SHEET. Provide your yellow card before your visa interview and we will collect the results sheet on behalf of you.
  16. Get one letter from your school principal regarding your education activities in the school.
  17. Other Educational Certificates & Photocopy
  18. Letter from the Employer
  19. Sponsor Letter, Completed I-134 from someone willing to financially sponsor you and proof of income based on the most recent IRS transcripts of the sponsor and the Letter should contain the sponsor's complete USA address & Telephone Number

Source: Colombo.US Embassy