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DV Lottery To Be Eliminated in 2018?

DV Lottery is expected to be eliminated from the year 2018 onwards as the American president elect Mr.Donald trupm thinks that this draw is allowing people that are not suitable to live in the USA. This was stated by him after the NY Truck rampage on the side road by a person who had moved in to the USA through the dv lottery program in the year 2010.

DV Lottery to be eliminated?

President had already requested the Senators to remove this American Diversity Immigration Program from going onwards. But so far no solid news cam from the other people against this advice from the White house Office.

Millions of people living all over the world are hoping this draw as their only hope to carry on their lives in the USA legally. This dv lottery is very popular in the Africa and Asia region where every year millions of people used to participate in the draw online.

As per the US State Department nearly 14 million people are expected to participate in the current diversity visa lottery program dv-2019 which is now accepting online entries to participate in the draw. The draw is expected to offer 50,000 USA immigrant visas for the selected eligible winners.