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DV-2016 America Visa Lottery.

DV-2016 Results.

DV-2016 Results were provided through the online results checking facility for each of the participant individually from 5th of May 2015 onwards and later it was closed after the program had achieved its target in the year 2016.

The results checking website was opened by the American Government and they allowed participants of this dv2016 draw to check their selection status to see whether they were selected for the draw or not. Winners were requested to proceed with their winning and were called for the interview from 01st of October 2015 and it continued till the visas under this green card program had exhausted. The results checking website also was closed in September 2016. No fee was charged to check online status and there was no limitation on how many times a person can check his status under this draw.

DV-2016 America Visa Lottery
DV-2016 Application Forms.

American visa lottery program will not provide application forms any more under the FY 2016. Also it had provided online application forms through the official website for 33 days in the year 2014. This application form providing facility was closed on 03 November 2014. So don't try to apply for this 2016 fiscal year draw any more. You can apply for the next draw which may allow people to apply in this year.

DV 2016 Program is Closed.

After issuing the immigrant visas under the fiscal year 2016 draw, the program was officially closed on 30th September 2016.
After 30th September 2016, no one can benefit from their selections any more under the DV 2016 Green card lottery program.

Next Green Card Lottery 2017.

Next American visa lottery program is expected to take place in this year 2017 as DV-2019. And the entry submission commencing date and closing dates will be announced by the U.S State department in few weeks time. People born in certain countries with required eligibility are only requested to participate in this U.S entry permit draw. It is not opened to all country people. Visit this page regularly to get new updates on this future Green card lottery draw.

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