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How to Apply For The Green Card Lottery?

American Diversity visa Lottery may look like a simple game to play.

Actually it is not a simplle one to play. The draw is covered with strict rules and in the winner stage it involves large amount of money which is bigger one for the third world country people. So take much care to understand about the program and its rules. The deceison taken at the time of the visa interview by the consular officers can't be challenged.

How to Apply For The Green Card Lottery?

Steps for apply green card lottery

Go to the official website of the dv lottery program.

Download the application form and fill it then and there.

Get the confirmation page as it will have your confirmation number, which will act as your password to check your results online.

To Apply for the next coming American DV Lottery (Green Card lottery), you must use an internet connected computer, laptop or a hand held gadget. It is ok to use any of the computer from an Internet Cafe or from a public library. Also you can contact one of the visa lottery submitting company to submit your application on behalf of yourself. For this process they will charge you a small service fee. Their money can be paid through online using your credit card or through bank draft. Their application fee is non refundable one and according to the US State Department you are the one responsible for the submitted information, if there is any error.

Those who had not been selected for the past year programs too can participate in the coming year draw.

Current visa lottery winners who are selected with high case numbers and don't have hope for the interview too can submit their entries for the coming year name selection draw.

The application form will be provided only in the English language and it should be filled using the English fonts.

A person can submit only one application form (E-DV entry) as primary applicant for this draw. If more than one entry is submitted in to the system with a person name as primary applicant, the system will display a message saying that an entry had been already submitted for that person.

Married partners can submit each an application with the other person's name if both of them meet the required eligibility. Whoever wins and fulfill all the requirements, both are eligible to immigrate to USA. If both are selected as winners, the one with more merit must process while the other person must stop further processing.

Enter your eligible children details in the form according to their birth order along with their image file as well as your spouse details and image file. .

The Application form will be provided in the Official DV Lottery during the entry submission period, normally in the last quarter of the year.