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Failure at DV Visa interview.

Failure at DV visa Interview used to happen when the applicants don't meet the required eligibility or fail to provide the required documents. Lot of diversity visa lottery winners who had been selected used to lose their visas and their visa processing fees at their visa interviews every year. This used to happen due to their ignorance of the draw rules. Lot of people think winning the draw will allow them to get the American visas right away. But the truth is they have to apply for the visas using the online immigrant visa application form. Then have to wait for their interview date. On the interview date they must provide all the required papers and translations along with the Affidavit of support. All the eligible dependants too must attend the interview even if they are not willing to travel to America.

Millions of people used to participate in this DV Lottery program as it is a free to apply program and most of them didn't know about the rules and the procedures of the draw. Loy of people think that these American visas are being given to all the selected winners free of charge without any questions. Actually the DV lottery program is not a simple draw but it is covered with strict rules and regulations. If you don't read and respect them, you will lose the American entry permit along with your visa processing fees. Take note that there are only 50,000 entry permits available for any of the fiscal year program and normally 90,000 - 100,000 participants are being selected as winners.

Under this draw only submitting the entry form is free but if you are selected as a winner you will have to pay for the visa processing fees not only for you but for all of your dependant family members even if they are not intended to travel to USA with you.

Also there are some other expenses too must be met by the winner.

Here are some;

  1. Fees for medical Examinations.
  2. Fees for police clearance report.
  3. Winners who uad stayed in other countries over 6 months must get the police clearance from those countries.
  4. Of don't have US Consular office in your country then will need funds to travel to attend the interview in another country. (Eg: Iran Winners)
  5. Air tickets.

For to issue 50,000 American visas nearly 100,000 people will be selected as winners and will be asked to proceed with the winning under the normal immigration process to get one entry permit. So there is no guarantee that all the winners will be issued with the required entry permits or not. And the program is covered by closing date and time. Here are the main things that you will have to provide to the consular officer. By meeting all the eligibility and satisfying the interviewing visa officer is the only way to be issued with the USA entry permits.

Otherwise you will fail at the interview and the application will be rejected.

  • Successfully passed high school certificate after studying primary and high school for 12 years or must have required work experience. (Work must meet the Onet data base)
  • Affidavit of Support, to prove that you will not require public funds to survive in the USA.
  • Medical certificate to prove that you are a health person.
  • Police clearance to prove that you are not a criminal.
  • Must pay the visa processing fee in time.
  • Must provide all the important original documents. (Along with the translation if necessary.)
  • Must provide valid passport (with more than 6 months validity.) with enough pages.
  • It is not necessary for the Applicants to speak English to get the entry permit if they are selected in the program.
  • Main reasons for the visa refusal,
  • Birth Country eligibility.
  • If primary applicant had submitted multiple entries, he will be disqualified.
  • Not having perfect education or proper work experience.
  • Not providing proper Affidavit of Support.
  • Suffering from a communicable disease will be rejected.
  • Security clearance done by some departments in the USA, even if you had provided the police clearance.
  • Winners banned by US State Department for immigration violation.
  • Failure to include any of your eligible family members will make you disqualified from the program.
  • Fraud marriages that are arranged by the agents for to assist another person to get American visa, will result in the refusal and you will be banned for life from entering USA.
  • Chewing history of Kat.
  • Rescheduling my interview date.
  • American Visa Temporary Refusal.
  • Attending the DV Lottery Interview.
Failure Interview

So these are some of the important things that can make a winner to be rejected at the time of the interview. It is important for you to read the current DV instructions carefully, before to start with the visa processing. Also you must read about the newly introduced E.O of the Newly elected American President's office.

If your immigration application is rejected at the time of the interview under the DV-Lottery, it is final decision.

Paid visa processing fee is also lost as it is a non refundable payment.
You can't re-apply nor can't complaint against their final decision anywhere.