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What is EDV application form?

What is EDV application form? Lot of people who don't know about the American DV Lottery program, or the American Green Card Lottery used to ask this question.
Actually this is the one and only path to participate in this green card draw. Years back people used to submit their DV Lottery application forms through papers and used to post it to the KCC center. But now the process had totally changed. People must wait for this E-DV application form to be available in the American Government's official DV website online.
Normally the entry form will be available on announced dates in the internet which used to be 30 - 32 days. On the other days it will not displayed in the internet.

E-DV Application Form.

E-DV applications are provided online and they should be filled within given time period of ONE Hour.
There is no field for the participant’s signature. It is a signature free DV Application form.
No fee will be charged to fill the application form.
You must check for any errors before you submit it online as it is not possible one it is submitted in to the server.
All the people who had submitted their entries successfully will be shown with the "Success Page".
Only English alphabets can be used in it.
The birthday is set in the American format where month come first followed by the day and year.

The E-DV application form is designed to accept the applicants details and can upload digital images of the applicant instantly.
If the image size is not meet the required size the submitter will be informed immediately and the entry will not be accepted by the system.

Furthermore if a person who had submitted an E-DV entry and try to submit more entries the system will reject it.
The Application form can't be saved in the computer and used later.
This DV application can't be sent through the e-mail too.
During the opening days it will be difficult to access this page as millions of people try to use it by downloading it.


DV Lottery Application Form

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