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Unclaimed lottery Prizes.

7:40 AM 7/10/2016

Everybody likes to play lotteries to become instant rich. But the bad thing is that many of them forget about the ticket or the place they kept their tickets.

Well in this page we are providing a list of winnings that are not claimed so far. Read them carefully and find out whether you too can become as a winner from them with your ticket. Be quick as they are valid for certain period only. After that they will be expired.

Lawmakers scramble for unclaimed lottery prizes.

State lawmakers across the country are scrambling to snatch up unclaimed lottery prizes for their pet causes.

Most state lotteries were founded in the name of funding public schools. After the prize deadlines lapse, lottery commissions generally put the money toward future prizes or general state revenues.

In Albany, a New York Senate committee is considering a proposal to transfer unclaimed prizes to a summer reading program known as the Love Your Library Fund. More here. Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

What happens to unclaimed prizes?

Below you'll find a list of gigantic prizes that remain unclaimed. Hurry, prizes are only valid for one year after the drawing.

Wondering what prizes you can still win? Just check out our Unclaimed Instant Game Prize List. We update it every week, to keep you informed about the spoils that can still be yours. More here.
Millions Unclaimed by Illinois Lottery Winners.

In 2011, over 200,000 retailers sold tickets for lotteries across the U.S., as reported by Scientific Games. Retailers have much incentive to do so, as they get a commission on each ticket sold, as well as a bonus if they sell a winning ticket. They also get good press from winners, which can then create more business. The biggest sellers are gas stations, liquor stores, and quick marts. news.yahoo.com

Hunt on for missing Lotto winners.

It's time to dig out any old Lotto tickets you might have lying around and get them checked because you could be in for a windfall.

NZ Lotteries says a Lotto first division prize of almost $700,000, drawn in November last year, remains unclaimed. nz.sports.yahoo.com

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