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Staying in USA? Apply For The DV Lottery.

7:27 PM 9/19/2021

USA DV Lottery Applicants.

When you are legally residing in the USA you can participate in the American diversity visa lottery program to get one of the available 50,000 LPR, if you are coming from any of the eligible country with the required education and other requirements can participate in the American DV Lottery program. People can apply for the coming draw DV-2022 by filling and submitting the online application form when it is available in the official website.

Take note after the new President took office there are many changes in the U.S immigration plan. Recently under this plan, an E.O was released to ban 7 country people from entering in the USA. Under this act even Green Card holders and US Dual citizenship holders too were stopped at the air ports. So if you are interested in participating in the next coming Green card draw, (if it takes place in this year) read the dv lottery official instructions and understand it clearly. Also don't forget to check whether your country is listed in the eligible country and if it is allowed to participate in the draw.

Green card lottery program entries can be submitted online from the USA by anyone who is eligible to participate, while they are visiting, working or studying in the U.S.A. Plenty of libraries are offering assistance to submit your entry in to the draw during the Application form submission period.


Applicants Eligibility
Winning a place in the diversity visa program is the quickest way to get the USA LPR status and to obtain the Green card while being in the USA.
If you are one of the selected winners in the draw then get a printout of your winning.

  • Online Visa Application for DV 2021 Winners DS-260. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • I-864 Affidavit of Support (FAQs). Here.

Also you must have low ranking case number as high case numbers may not be called for the interview due to early exhaust of visas.
Dependants must attend the visa interview in the local Embassy when you are going for the interview as primary applicant.
Non refundable visa processing fee should be paid by the primary applicant and each of his dependants on the day of their interview.
The winners staying in the U.S.A can change their current status to LPR status by contacting the USCIS office when their case numbers are current in any given month according to the visa bulletin..

Applying for the Visa Lottery,

  1. You or someone else can submit one entry on behalf of yourself.
  2. You can submit entries for your family members and friends who are living abroad. Don't forget to inform them about this as one can submit ONLY one entry.
  3. There are many libraries assist you in America in taking digital photo and submitting entries.
  4. They offer to take photographs and provide computer with broad band connection to apply every year.
  5. It is very important you must include a recently taken photo file.
  6. Never use the old photographs and photos that were used in the last year draw.
  7. Don't forget to get your confirmation number after submitting your entry.

Next Coming American Visa Lottery program will be addressed as DV-2023

It is expected to accept entries in this year 2021.

US DV Lottery

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