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DV Lottery For Turkey.

9:11 AM 9/20/2021

DV Lottery program allows Turkey born people to participate in this draw, regardless of where they are living or what passport they are holding. The birth place gives them the right to participate in this American visa lottery program.
To complete the DV-2021 Visa Lottery Application Form it is necessary for all the Primary Applicants to have their Valid International Passport.

DV-2020 Results are now available in the internet. If you have the confirmation number you can check your selection results in the official website.
Don't throw away the confirmation number till the program close in the month of September.

Current American Green card lottery program is called as DV-2023 and it is going to accept entries soon.
Where to Apply? Here.
Where to Check the American DV Lottery Results? Here.

  • Education Requirements :
    To participate in the draw, required education for the Turkey applicant is to have successfully completed the following educational certificate: Lise Diplomasi Or you must have the required work experience. Fo this read the Green card lottery instructions.
  • US Embassy in the capital city Ankara :
    The US Embassy is operating here to look after the welfare of the US citizens here.
  • Also they provide visa many services including the DV winner processing for Turkey and Iran winners..
  • Eligibility : Applicants Eligibility
  • Official web site of the US Embassy in the capital city Ankara : turkey.usembassy.gov
  • Consular office in Adana : adana.usconsulate.gov
  • Office in Ankara : istanbul.usconsulate.gov
Turkey born people

Advice to the winners in Turkey.
Rescheduling the visa appointments are allowed at the Turkey U.S Embassy ONLY for those who have medical or similar emergencies.
A reschedule request will only be considered if it is accompanied by a medical report or other documentation regarding the emergency reason.

Diversity immigrant visa, winners DV-2021

  • Online Visa Application for DV Winners DS-260. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here.

DV-2022 Results.