DV Lottery Help

Nepal citizens are being sent with fake DV-Lottery notifications.

Nepal citizens are being sent with fake DV-Lottery winning notification by people who want to grab money from these people in the name of American diversity visa lottery program. Once you send money to these people to get your American visa under the DV-Lottery, you can't recover it from them and police too can't help you to identify them. Ads a person interested in the American visa lottery program, you must understand that the selection result will not be sent any more by the KCC.

US Embassy Nepal

Never send money overseas to get your American visas. Only way is to pay to the consular office on the day of your visa interview.

According to the U.S Embassy in Kathmandu
"Any U.S organization does not send email regarding to dv lottery visa".
Here is the complete message.

"It has come to the attention of the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu that individuals not associated with the U.S. Government have sent emails to Nepali citizens leading them to believe that they have qualified for a Diversity Visa. The email asks the recipient to respond to an email address provided for further information about how to pay the fees for the visa. In reality, the email has not been sent by a U.S. Government official.

US Embassy, Kathmandu Message

The U.S. Embassy wishes to inform everyone that the U.S. Government does not send emails to notify Diversity Visa applicants of their selection. The U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu does not ask applicants to pay Diversity Visa fees through any agency or location other than the Consular Section at the Embassy. The Embassy is concerned that Nepali citizens may be tricked into sending money to unauthorized persons who prey on unsuspecting people.

Please understand that many scams such as the one described above use email addresses associated with internet-based email providers. The U.S. Government does not use such email addresses for official communication. Please use caution and take care not to be fooled by such scams."