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Here is a small article from a Sri Lanka DV Lottery winner in the Sri Lanka news paper Daily News. The article writer's name was not written there although it is mentioned as "Selectees who lost chances." So all those selected winners along with who had participated in the visa lottery program must read this article and must be aware what is happening to the selected winners in this year.

Green Card lottery winners in dilemma.

The US Embassy in Sri Lanka invited applications for the Diversity Immigration Visa (DV) Program in 2011. At that time the required educational qualification was the successful completion of 12 years elementary and secondary education (which is qualifying the GCE O/L in six subjects) or two years work experience. The US Embassy in Sri Lanka conducted several promotional campaigns all over the country inducing applicants for this DV lottery program. The Embassy has now informed the lucky winners to call over on given dates for interviews to issue visas.

US DV Lottery

Thousands of Sri Lankans had applied for this American visa lottery program and nearly 801 participants were selected as winners.

The selectees used the embassy websites to prepare the required reports such as medical, police, educational etc. to be submitted at the visa interviews. For this purpose, they had to incur much cost. At no stage was there any requirement of the GCE (A/L) stipulated in the embassy website. Prior notice for the visa interviews were also not provided. However, a sudden decision made by the US Embassy officials in Colombo requesting for three passes at the GCE (A /L) at the time of visa interviews has caused applicants to lose their opportunities and expectations for emigration.

According to the program, the winners are entitled to take along their family members. Some family members who are well educated stand to lose their opportunities, due to this unexpected and unfair decision.

Applications were called for the lottery program in 2001 based on a 12 year successful completion of education equivalent to GCE (O/L) and the sudden change in decision is unfair to the selectees. It would be justifiable if the GCE (A/L) requirement was announced at the time of calling applications in 2011. Those selected therefore request the Embassy to grant visas to those with GCE (O/L) qualifications as advertised in 2011 in this lottery in this instance. The selectees expect a favorable solution to this issue from the US Embassy of Sri Lanka as they have become victims of this sudden decision.