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Egypt - DV Lottery Information.

Egypat DV Lotttery Information is good for the people who were borned in Egypt.People born in Egypt can participate in this American diversity visa program, if they have the required Education/Work Experience. Thos Egyptian living outside of the Egypt too can participate in this draw, if they have the requuired education/work experience. This country comes under the Africa region in the diversity visa lottery program. Each year thousands of them used to immigrate to the USA in quick time through this random name selection program. Take note that all the winners will not have the chance to get the entry permits as there are only 50,000 visas and nearly 100,000 entrants are selected as winners. According to their rules no one country can get more than 7% (3,500) of the total available slots.

All the primary applicants must have their valid International passport. This details should be entered in the DV Application form andf it is not necessary for their dependants. Required education for Egyptians to participate in this draw is to have Complete pass in General Secondary School Certificate.  It is very difficult to get the American visa under the DV Program by displaying applicant's work experience. It is easy with the High School Degree. Meanwhile American Government accepts monogamy marriages only. So those who ghot more than one spouse is not eligible to participate in this draw.

DV Lottery for Egypt

The US Embassy in Cairo used to provide information about this DV program every year. Here is an announcement from them regarding the some scam emails. Read here.

Medical Examinations for the DV winners.

Once you have received the interview notification you can contact the embassy to receive instructions on how to undergo the medical examination for the applicants and each of the applicants dependants. It should be done only through Embassy assigned medical offer only. All the other medical reports will be rejected.
You must have your passport along with three passport-size photographs of each person to be medically examined, along with your case number, in order to complete the medical exam. Also you must perform the medical examination through one of the US Embassy recommended physician only. The medical examinations must be done 10 prior days to your interview date. All the related expenses must be paid by the winner. Don’t provide medical examination provided by doctors who are not recommended by the US Embassy in your country.

  • Online Visa Application for DV Winners DS-260. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here.

If the entry permit is refused the processing fee US$ 330 will not be refunded. The winner must bring all his dependants with their valid passports on the day of the immigrant visa interview that to be issued under the program, if he is eligible to be issued with. Dependants must attend the visa interview even if they are not intended to come with you to the USA.