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DV Lottery - Uzbekistan.

5:07 PM 9/19/2021

DV Lottery, Uzbekistan is one the countries which are allowed to participate in the annual American visa lottery program through the online E-DV Entry.
To participate,

Important Notice: All the DV-2023 primary participants must have their valid International passport as its details are required to be filled in the DV Application Form. It will not be accepted if the passport details are not entered. The passport is not necessary for the dependants.

Eligibility. Applicants Eligibility
You must have Uzbekistan high school degree equivalent of a US secondary education or work experience according to the Instructions.

USA DV Lottery for Uzbekistan

When and Where to apply for the DV Lottery?

In the Official website through the online application form when the form available for submission. Here
Also take note Uzbekistan's 47.81% percent of entries which were illegitimate and therefore disqualified during selection process.
Embassy of the United States in Uzbekistan.

Pages for Winners of DV-2022 visa lottery program are here.

  • Online Visa Application Winners DS-260. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here.
Winners must present the following Documents at the time of their Interviews.

Any supporting documents that are in a language other than English must be accompanied by a complete English translation. The translator must include a sealed or stamped statement that the translation is accurate and that s/he is competent to translate.

Passport valid for travel abroad: Please note the name(s) and exit permit(s) of the child/children applying must be included in the parent's passport unless they possess own passport. Each applicant must provide the original passport and a photocopy of the front page with photo. For children, the applicant must make a photocopy of the passport page that shows the Exit Visa for Uzbek Citizens (former OVIR stamp) and the passport page that indicates the name of the child/children with their photo;

  1. Two recent photos for each visa applicant: 2"'x2" size; background must be white or off-white; photos that have been altered or photoshopped will not be accepted;
  2. Birth certificate(s) for each alien relative: original and photocopy;
  3. Marriage certificate: original and a photocopy; a separate photocopy with translation is required for principal applicant's spouse;
  4. Divorce/death certificate(s) for any previous marriages of applicant: original and photocopy;
  5. Military records (book), if applicable: an original AND photocopy;
  6. Police certificate(s) from each place an alien relative lived longer than 6 months since turning 16, including military service, with a translation. Uzbek citizens should apply for a police certificate at the Information Center at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, address: #1, Radjabi Street, Tashkent. The Information Center of MIA UZB can be reached at: + 99871 231 3397 Police certificates must include all names (including maiden name) used since turning 16 and must have been issued less than six months ago.

NOTICE FOR PEOPLE WHO SERVED IN THE OTHER COUNTRIES DURING THE MILITARY SERVICE! Ministry of Defense clearance certificate providing information regarding criminal records or convictions during the military service in a third country does not substitute a police certificate from that country.
Results of the standard medical examination: Applicants are required to undergo a medical examination by the Embassy panel physician.
The Medical Clinic will give the results of the medical examination to the applicant in a sealed envelope. Applicants must submit this sealed envelope with the results of the medical examination at the interview. The applicant must also present his/her vaccination records at the medical examination;
Diplomas from all educational institutions attended (for principal applicant only): an original AND photocopy;
Employment / work book (for principal applicant only): an original AND photocopy;

US$ 330 visa processing fee should be paid by the primary applicant. And should be paid for each of his/her dependant family members if have any. It should be paid ONLY to the US Consular Office on the day of their Interview. Never send money by Bank or Post to obtain American Immigrant Visas.