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DV Lottery - Poland.

5:55 AM 8/9/2021

Poland is one of the eligible country for the DV-2023 draw that is operated by the US Government to issue 50,000 Immigrant visas. Poland born applicants are eligible to participate in the American Green card lottery program, even if they are living in another country that is not eligible to participate in the draw.
All the primary applicants must have their valid International passport and its details as it should be entered in the E-DV entry from this year onwards.
One recently taken American Visa Photo in digital file format to upload in the E-DV entry of the American Green card lottery to participate in the draw.
This is to protect the winning for the original winner.

Eligibility: Applicants Eligibility

DV Lottery for Poland

Those who are living in Poland can request for the interviews to be held in the local US Embassy and the interview will be held according to their case numbers.

If you are Polish person living in the USA and selected as a winner in the Green card lottery, then wait for your case number to be current. Whenever the case number of yours becomes current, then contact the USCIS office to change your current US status to LPR status.

Winning the draw will not give you the American entry permit right away but will allow you to apply for it and you must meet all the eligibility requirements of their Immigration program.

Green Card Lotttery Winner from Poland?

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