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DV Lottery for Australia.

American Diversity Visa Lottery program which is endorsed by the U.S Government used to allow the Australian born people to participate in this draw and to check their luck to live and work in the USA as a LPR holder. If married that the lucky person will be allowed to bring her/his eligible family members to live with them in the USA.

Those Australian born people, who are living in other countries or having some other country PR or citizenship too can participate in this draw every year till they win, if they meet the eligibility requirements of the draw. The minimum education requirement to participate in this visa lottery program is to have successfully passed the College/High School/VCE according to their States and Territories, after following 12 years of Junior and high school education.

DV Lottery for Australia

Otherwise they must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years after studying/learning the course for 2 years and the trade must meet the requirements of the O-Net page of the American DOL website.

If the participant is unmarried one, then he must participate as a single person.

Married person must include her/his spouse and all the eligible children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 in the American online E-DV entry form, in their birth order. These children includes legally adopted ones and children from their (Husband + wife) previous marriages. Children who are already US Citizen or LPR holders should not be included in the entry form.

If the person's spouse too meets the eligibility requirements of the dv lottery program, then she/he too can submit one entry as primary applicant along with her spouse and eligible children. Thus a qualified family can submit two online entries for their whole family. If both of them win, then the one with the most qualification must proceed with the winning and the other must stop with the winner processing.

An eligible person born in Australia can submit only one entry to the draw in any given year as primary applicant. if more than one entry is submitted as primary applicant the entries will be refused online, when they submit it.

A person born in UK and married to an Australian can participate in this program along with the spouse, if he wins and get the required entry permits, then he can't immigrate himself alone. He and his spouse must enter USA together according to the DV Lottery rules.

Visa processing fee per person is US$ 330 and should be paid on the day of your interview ONLY to the Consular office according to their instructions. Each of his dependants too must pay the visa processing fee even if they are not intended to immigrate with the primary applicant.

To get their green card in the USA, these winners must pay another processing fee of US$165 to the USCIS office.

Australia Visa Lottery.

Australia visa lottery program used to appear in some of the fake websites and used to come in emails, are work of the scam people. They want to make money from unsuspecting persons who are searching a path to immigrate to Australia. Officially there is no such Australia visa draw is operated by the Australian Government, but they offer many other paths to well educated and skilled people to immigrate alone or with their families for a bright feature in the Australia territory.

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