DV Lottery Help

DV-2021 Results.

DV-2021 Results for the last held American Diversity Visa Draw will be available to check through the Official website by May 2020 onwards. All the participants were requested to provide their postal address, Phone number and their E-mail addresses in the application form when they were submitting their entries in the year 2019. But the KCC will not use these details to announce the selectd winners. The selection results will not sent through postal mail, phone calls or through Emails. Each participant should check their selection results  individually in the official website using their personal information. Also to check their results they must have their DV 2021 confirmation number with them. If don't have it they can simply use the forgot my confirmation number link in the Results checking website to recover their confirmation Number.

DV 2021 Results Checking Website.

The US State Department operates the Entrant Status Check Website to provide the DV Lottery results for the participants every year.
The website used to provide both the DV-2020 and DV-2021 Results till 30th September 2020.
Then it will be provide results only for the DV-2021 till 30th September 2021.

Friend or Relative Checking your DV Results.

If you don't have the internet connected computar or don't have internet with good speed, you can ask a friend or relative who have theis facility to check your selection results.
You have to provide them your personal details along with your Confirmation Number which must start with 2021. This information will allow them to check the dv-2021 results on behalf of you. No fee will be charged to check the Diversity Visa Lottery Selection Results. It is provided free of charge for the participants by the US State Department.

If Selected as Winner what to do?

If selected as winner get printout of the winning letter shown in the screen.
Also note down the case number from the Winner letter.
Follow the given Instructions as per the instructions in the letter.

Winner Selected While Staying in the USA

.Winner must be staying in the USA legally.
Those selected winners in the USA must wait for their Case Number to start the process under the DV draw.
Winner who is going to process the in the USA must stay legally other wise must go back to his country d need to process the immigrant visa.
When the applicant going to the USCIS Office her/his dependants too must attend their visa interview in their respective country.
It is necessary for the winner to submit Affidavit of Support, before to change their status to LPR Status.

If Not Selected as a Winner in the Last held Draw?

If you see that you entry is not selected as a winner don't worry.
Keep your Confirmation Number and look for any announcement from the US State Department as there may be a small number of selections may occur.
If you are not selected at all, then wait for the next DV Lottery DV-2022 which will take place in the year 2020.

Don't Trust Emails that used to claim that you are a winner.
If your Agent says that you are selected as a winner, ask him to display the results after feeding the confirmation number as they used to make fake winning notifications using the computer programs.

Not all the selected winners will be called for the interview as there are 50,000 visas only available and there will be nearly 100,000 selected winners.
The visas will be issued on the first come first serve basis.

Official US DV Program.