DV Lottery Help

DV-2020 Results Through Smartphone.

DV-2020 Results can be checked with your Smartphone easily.
But don't forget you need to get a printout of the winning notification, if you are selected as a winner in the DV-2020 Draw.

Steps to check selection results under DV-2020, through Smartphone.
Connect to your Data plan in the Smartphone. (Or through any Wi-Fi hotspot connection.)
Once it is connected, start a browser.
Type: https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/ and click to open the website.( Link Here)
The official Results Checking Website will open in your Smartphone.
Click the "Continue' button.
Fill all the fields and click the Submit Button.
You can watch your selection as selected or not selected.
Do this after the month of May 2019 to check the DV-2020 Results.
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DV-2018 Results Through Smartphone

Feed the form with your dv-2018 case number and other details and follow the instructions.
The results will be shown in the screen as not selected or with a winner selection notice.

If you had been selected as a winner under this draw, you must stop this checking process and you must move to a PC that is connected to the internet and to a printer.

Go to the official website and check your results once again.
Get a print out of the shown letter with the help of the connected printer.
And proceed with your winning through the recommended path, as soon as possible.
Keep watching the American visa bulleting page to find out when your case number is going to the interview.

DV-2020 Results will be available by the month of May, 2019.

Any questions?
Post them to bbsnetting@yahoo.com