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Can husband and wife submit each one entry?

Can husband and wife submit each one entry for this diversity visa lottery program?

Can husband and wife submit each one entry for this diversity visa lottery program?

Yes, If both of them have the required eligibility requirements according to the program instructions.They can submit each an entry along with the spouse detail with their eligible children, if have any. The Diversity visa lottery allows each eligible person to submit one entry with their name as primary applicant in the dv-2019 program. If any person tries to submit a second entry with a person's name as primary applicant, the entry will NOT be accepted by the system.

They must include all the children in the application including their previous marriage children and adopted ones, who are under 21 years of age and unmarried even if they don't intend to immigrate to the USA. Those children who are already American PR holders or citizen are not to be included in the entries.

Polygamy marriages are not accepted by the American Government and it applies to the green card lottery program too.

DV Draw Selection.

If husband and wife had submitted each one entry and one of them had been selected as a winner, both of them can enter the USA, if they had proofed their eligibility at the timeof their interview.

If both the husband and wife are selected as winners, then the one with the highest qualification must proceed with the winning and the other one must stop with the DV processing.

Any person has applied for the 2018 program and was not selected as a winner can apply for this year entry permit name selection draw.

Those winners with high case numbers and don't have hope in being called for the interview from the last held draw too can participate in this draw.

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