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Want to Add Children and Spouse after Winning in the DV Lottery?

Many people are asking us whether they can add their children and their spouse in the visa application form after winning the American DV Lottery program.

No. it is against the DV lottery program rules. Now you must stop from processing further with your selection in the dv lottery program as you had violated one of the entry rules.

Add Children and Spouse after Winning in the DV Lottery

At the time of applying for the draw, if you are married legally, you should have included your spouse details with her/his separate digital photo file in your entry, even if the person is not living with you. It was clearly mentioned in the DV Instructions.

Likewise your children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 years, you must enter their details with their individual separate photo files in your entry in their birth order, even if they are not interested in immigrating to the USA with you. This will include your natural, legally adopted and children from other marriages including your spouse previous marriage children.

You must include the children even if they don't want to immigrate with you or not living with you.

Failure to do so will disqualify you from the visa, if found in the later stages.

Those children who are PR holders or Citizen of USA are not to be included in the entry form.

Family photos are not accepted and each person's photos must be recently taken one and must meet the requirements as described in the instruction.

So if you are selected in the American DV draw as a winner and if had omitted your spouse or one or all of your eligible children when applying for the program is not eligible to process with your winning.