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DV Lottery For Bangladesh.

American visa drew.

Bangladesh natives were benefiting the availability of this American visa lottery program every year until 2012 to immigrate to the USA legally. Later due to high immigration ratio to the USA, Bangladesh born people were listed in the ineligible country list. Now they have to wait till their immigration ratioo to the USA to come down under 50,000 within the last 5years. Then only these people will be allowed to participate in this draw in this year.

DV-2021 will not allow Bngladesh born people to participate in this year as the country is still in the ineligible country list. Those who had married to eligible country spouses can participate in this DV2021 program climing thier spouuse birth country for eligibility.

Bangladesh DV Lottery

Bangladesh natives married to foreign spouses (whom were born in eligible countries) only will be allowed to participate in this popular draw, claiming their spouse's eligibility. If they become as winner with this claim, they can't enter in to the USA alone; they must accompany their eligible spouse too on their arrival under the DV Lottery program.

In this year 2019 the DV-2021 visa lottery program is going to accept entries through the internet. But the Bangladesh born people will NOT be allowed to participate in this draw. So don't try to apply as your country name is NOT in the eligible country list to select in the E-DV entry from from the drop down country name list.

They were not allowed to participate in the last held DV-2020 visa lottery program too as was in the previously held programs. The country was announced as ineligible to participate in the draw, as it had sent more than 50,000 people within the last 5 year period. This was officially announced from the DV-2013 onward in English and Bangla announcements.

As per the new diversity visa lottery instructions, Bangladesh born people were not allowed to participate in the 2013 - 2021 programs too.

In the Asia region Bangladesh used to be top number of winners every year until they were stopped. When it was allowed to participate in the electronic draw nearly half of the totally submitted entries were from here.

To meet the education requirement, applicant must have successfully completed 12 years of primary and secondary school of education and should have passed the S.S.C. and H.S.C. in Bangladesh.

It is against the law to perform fake marriages to assist someone to obtain American visa. If found both of them will be prosecuted under their country law and on the other hand the US Government may ban them for 99 years from entering in to the USA

Look at these Bangladesh selection statics.

DV-2012 Results selected 2,373. Participants 14,768,658 Entries from all over the world.
DV-2013 Results Bangladesh (ineligible) Participants 7,941,400 Entries from all over the world.
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and the DV-2020 programs too had listed Bangladesh born people as ineligible to participate.
In the draw DV-2018 Ecuador was allowed to participate for the diversity visa lottery program after so many years.
So Bangladesh born people too can wait and see to be included in the future draws, when the country is found to be eligible.

Waiting for the DV-2021 announcement?

DV-2021 Instructions is available in the internet and Bangladesh born people can download and check it to see that their country is not in the eligible country list.

Source: U.S State Department