DV Lottery Help

Attending the DV Lottery Interview.

Winners of the American DV Lottery must proof their education/ work experience eligibility and medical fitness along with the other required checks according to the US State Department to get their entry permits.

You must take note that all the selected winners in a given fiscal year program will not be called for the interview as the allocated slots may exhaust before the fiscal year programs ends. 50,000 permits will be issued under this program each year and 100,000 winners used to be selected as winners as all of them may not have the required eligibility requirements. So to give away all the allocated ones, this procedure is followed by the State Department each year.

People will be called for the interview according to their case numbers and the lower rank case numbers will be called for the interviews first.

ach month there will be announcements made by the State Department (through visa bulletin) and Embassies about the case numbers that will be called for the interview in the coming months along with the regional cut out numbers.

Once you found that your case number is in the bulletin page, then you can expect the interview letter to reach you through postal mail and/or email of your self within 4-6 weeks of time.

Follow those Embassy instructions given in their official web site.

Attending the DV Lottery Interview

On the day of the interview,
Be ready to pay the processing fee of US$ 330 for you and each of your dependants if you have any.

All the people in the entry form must attend the interview even if they are not immigrating with you.

Provide all the certified translations and the original to the consular officer.

Medical examination should be done for you and each of your dependants, if you have any. The fees should be paid by you.

If you have to travel another country for to attend the interview, then you must ready to pay for the transport and lodging over there.

If you were issued with the required visas then have to buy your own air ticket.

The US Embassy or the Government will not provide any financial assistance for you to settle in the USA. More.