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DV Lottery for Albania.

10:27 AM 9/19/2021

DV-2023 American visa lottery is a great opportunity for the Albania born people to immigrate easily to the USA. After some years living in the USA, they can sponsor some kinds of their relatives. To take part in this American diversity visa program, they must meet the eligibility requirements. The draw is officially conduted by the United States Government to maintain the diversity of the people living in their country. Foreigners who are living in Albania too can participate in this draw through the internet, if their country is eligible and they must meet the education or work experience. Eligibility is decided by the country of birth and not by the passport or by the permanent residency they are now holding.

Educated Albania born people can participate in this draw, if they are holders of PR in another country or holders of another country passport. Birth country of a person will decide the eligibility for the American Green Card draw.

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Albania people must have the following education certificate to participate in the draw: Albanian Senior Certificate.

Minimum of twelve years education including four years of high school education, which must be the equivalent of a U.S. High School diploma (e.g. completion of "Deftese pjekurie - Maturity Certificate" in Albania) or qualify through the employment standards as set by the U.S. Department of Labor.

US Embassy in Tirana, advice to the winners in Albania as follows.
"All the winners attending interview must pay the processing fee of USD $330 (or in the current Euro equivalent) per applicant to U.S. Consulate on the day of their interview. Please note that you must pay for your entire family before the initial visa interview. If you have not paid for your family before your initial interview, your family will not be interviewed."

All the documents that are not in English should be submitted with a translation copy along with the original one. Paying the visa fees will not guarantee visa issuance as you have to proof your eligibility during the time of the interview.

Kentucky Consular Center Information Here.
The KCC telephone number is 606-526-7500 (7:30am until 4:00pm EST), or send an E-mail inquiry to KCCDV@state.gov
Number of Albania born people selected in the DV- 2018: 4,484
Maximum allowed visas for a country through the DV Draw is 3,500 only.
Immigrant Visas Issued for the Albania born people under the Fiscal Year 2016 program: 1,502

Source: US Embassy, Tirana, Albania.
Facebook - US Embassy Tirana

Appointment Date for DV Selectees.

You will not/not receive notification by mail or by e-mail.

You can learn about your interview appointment date ONLY by entering Confirmation Number, Last Name/Family Name, and Year of Birth through the web page of the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs, Electronic Diversity Visa "Entrant Status Check." You are advised to check the Entrant Status Check frequently to learn about your interview date. This is the only way you will learn about your interview date.

It is the applicant's responsibility to check for their interview date and to appear at the Consular Section on the scheduled appointment date. No assurance can be given by the Consular Section that you will be given a new appointment date upon your request.

Winners in the DV Visa Lottery Draw.

Albania winners selected in the DV Lottery must use the DS-260 online visa application form.
Must get Affidavit of Support through I-134 form and it should be produced on the day of your interview.
Those who had secured visas under this draw must pay another processing fee of US$ 165 through the online payment method to the USICS before to be issued with the Green Card in the USA.

Source: US Embassy, Tirana, Albania.