DV Lottery help

Fly to the USA.

9:46 AM 6/8/2016

Getting your flight to the USA is an important thing, if you are one of the diversity visa lottery winners who had received the required immigrant visa. You are on your way to the USA to start a new home over there. You don't know what kind of expenses you have to meet after your arrival. So you must take as much funds as possible with you.

If all your family members are coming with you, then you must take more care on your financial position.

First of all booking a flight ticket through the online reservation system is much cheaper than the one you used to buy from your travel agent, if you have your own credit or debit card to pay for it;

The online air ticket booking may have more restrictions than the normal ticket purchase, but it is the cheapest one.

Flight tickets are expensive when tourists are on peak time travelling to certain destinations.

If you are not in a hurry, then book your ticket for economy class or normal class which is also mention as "Y" class. In the airline there are classes as first, executive or business classes which are expensive.

Some air lines offer reduced rate tickets for children under certain age limit.

If you are using a travel agent always take care to read all their documents carefully as they may try to claim excess money from you.

If you are having transit stops when flying to the U.S.A, check your tickets well to see whether the onward seats are marked in the OK status. If they are not in the OK status you must pay for the hotel rooms and transport to hotel till you catch the next connecting flight. So imagine if you happened to stay for one week in a hotel how much it will cost you.

Ask them how much kilos your flight ticket will allow you to take with you.

You can carry 7 kilos only in any air line in the accepted size hand luggage in to the flight cabin.

Also other baggage must be in10 kilos each.

If you have more luggages, then you can ask them to send as unaccompanied baggage or send it by means of air cargo or sea cargo.

For this kind of services, you have to pay it by per kilo basis. .

Some airlines may require you to buy a round trip ticket even if you have the immigrant visa while flying to the U.S.A. In this case first ask them where you can get refund for the return ticket as some airlines will allow the refund to be available only in the purchasing country.

You can request for child food onboard, if you are travelling with babies onboard.

Also if you are a vegetarian you can request for vegetarian meals for meals during the flight.

Your American visa under the DV Lottery program is valid for 6 months only from the date of issue. So you must use it before the expiry date mentioned in the visa.

Also keep the Embassy provided document packet in good condition and handy to hand over it to the immigration officers at the U.S air port on arrival.