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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on DV Program.

9:46 AM 6/8/2016

I am a winner in the DV Program. Can I include my wife and children in the visa application form?
No, you can't include them after being selected in the draw. Also you will be rejected from the draw for violating their rules.

My winning notification came through email. Can I continue with the winning?
No, it was sent to you from a scam person or company to cheat you.

Using a black and white photo to apply for the draw?
No, it is not allowed to use black and white photos while applying for the program.
Only color images that meet their requirements are accepted and they should meet the mentioned requirements.

My baby is just one week old. Do I have to include this baby's detail in the application form?
Yes. You must include the baby's photo and its personal details.

I am separated from my husband for the last 15 years. Do I have to include him?
If you are not divorced from him legally, then you should include his photo and his personal details.

By my birth country I am not eligible to participate in the draw. My wife comes from an eligible country. Can I claim her country as eligibility to apply for the draw?
Yes, you can. But if you win, you can't go there alone. Your wife also must accompany you when you enter the USA.

When I submitted the entry form there was no response. Can I resubmit one entry again?
Yes, you can submit the application form till you get the confirmation code in the screen.

I was born in Bangladesh. Am I allowed to participate in this year's draw?
Wait, your birth country is placed in ineligible country list to participate in the current year program as per the official instruction. Wait for the next year instruction to come, and then you can get the answer for your question. Likewise Nigeria people too must wait for the next year instructions.

What is the official name of the green card lottery that is expected to be held in this year 2016?
The program which is going to accept entries in this year will be called as DV-2018.

I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but I do have South African citizenship. My brother was born and grew up in South Africa. Does that mean I will apply as a native of the democratic republic of Congo even though I posses both passport and ID South African card and only a Congolese birth certificate?
You will have to apply as a native of Congo and your brother must apply as native of South Africa as he was born in South Africa.

I am a refugee. Can I attend the visa interview in South Africa as I am living temporarily there?
Yes, if you meet all the requirements of the program.

Does the photo file size changes every year?
No, for to find the correct photo file size you must use the latest fiscal year instructions.

What percentages of the total visas are awarded to Africans, from each of the eligible country?
There is no percentage, but will be calculated according to their immigration number to the USA. No country can get more than 3,500 visas under this program in any given year.

Does the American Government help with the housing for the immigrant visa holders who had obtained it under the dv program?
No. The American Government won't assist with the housing or lodging for the winners.

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