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DV-2019 Instructions.

7:43 AM 1/21/2017

DV-2018 Instructions.

DV-2019 American diversity visa lottery is the next expected draw, that will allow eligible people to immigrate under this program. It is very important to read this instructions before you prepare yourself to participate in the draw.

DV-2019 draw instructions still not published.

What the instructions used to have in it?

  • Eligible country list.
  • Date of opening and closing of the online application forms.
  • Digital photo file instructions.
  • Rules that will govern this draw.
  • DV 2019 Results informations.

This instructions is much expected by the Nigeria and Bangladesh people to see whether their country is eligible to participate in this DV-2019 visa lottery program.

The dv2019 instructions will be published after the publishing of the English Language Version.

DV 2017 Instructions in Other Languages

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