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Correcting Error in DV Lottery Application Form.

By David, 8:58 AM 9/17/2016

DV Lottery application form should be treated as a visa application form when you are filling it for you or other participants. There is no facility to correct the errors in it once you had submitted it in to the draw. Applicants must consider that filling the DV form is actually a process of applying for an Immigrant visa even if you think that is for the visa lottery application form. You must take utmost care to provide all the true information when you are filling the diversity visa lottery application form that is equal to the American entry permit application form.

Before you start entering your details in the online application form, take care to fill it with all the correct information perfectly and it should be 100% true. You can't blame on certain errors on other people as you are the responsible person for the provided details in the form according to the Green Card Lottery instructions.

While filling the application form, if you had found out any errors in it, don't try to use the back button of the browser to go back and correct it, instead use the specially given "Go to the Part 1 or Part 2" button in that application form page.

Minor errors like spelling mistake in the name can be normally accepted at the time of the interview, if it is felt as human error by the interviewing consular officer. It will be totally in his part to accept it ir to reject it.

Education, country of birth, not including eligible dependants and the ones like these will be dealt seriously.

Error correction of the applicant's spouse and children names or date, place of birth, email or addresses in the submitted entry forms also cannot be corrected. Likewise you can't add your spouse details or any of your children's details once your entry had been accepted by the system

Also take note that if you didn't include your spouse or any of your eligible child is a violation and you will be eliminated from the draw, once the fault is found out by them.

So correct those errors before you submit it or stop processing with the winning.

If you had left any important field blank during the form submission, the system will show it to you back with RED color text. This one can be filled and can be submitted again successfully to the dv lottery.

So it is your duty to check all the information for spelling errors before you submit it.

If you feel that you had already made an error and you are selected for the program, then the consular officer, who is going to interview you, will decide on it, at the time of the interview.

Errors like born in India and selecting your birth country as Kenya can't be corrected, you will be eliminated from the draw as your birth country is not eligible to participate in this name selection draw.

Current processing program DV-2016

Now providing results: DV-2017. Under this FY program visa processing of the selected winners will start on 01st of October 2016

Next Expected program that will accept entries in this year 2016 is DV-2018