DV Lottery help

E-DV application form.

E-DV entry or DV application form used to be provided by the American Government and it is used to submit the online entry for the diversity visa program which is also called as green card lottery entry form throughout the world. This form will be available only from the internet through the official web site during the submission accepting period. This entry submission period will be announced through the media by the American Government.

This electronic processing is still continuing every year and it is very easy to download, fill, and provide the path for your digital images from your computer and submit to get the applicants' confirmation number for the fiscal year program.

The latest web based application form system allows entire applicants to participate in the draw in the given 30 day's period every year.

On the other days the website will not show any facility to download the form.

It is not allowed to save the E-DV entry in your computer and to use later.

The electronic form will be available as an active one for at least 60 minutes only. If you took more than 60 minutes to fill and upload it back, it will not be accepted. In this case a new form should be downloaded and filled as the previous one will be considered as expired one for exceeding given time limit.

Also it will ask you for the path to upload your digital image file from your computer to be added in to the draw.

If it is not completely filled, it will not be accepted and you will be shown back with the red colored fields.

You can submit it again and again till you get the successful page with your confirmation number in the computer screen.

A person can enter only one application form as primary applicant and if more than one is submitted then all of them will be disqualified without any notice to the person.

If you are single then you will get only one part only.

If you are a married person then you will get one part for you and another part for your spouse and eligible children.

You are required to use English alphabets only, don't use Nordic letters when filling the form.

The State department uses many sophisticated methods to find out and reject those multiple entries from persons who are trying to fraud the system. This year when the previously details were submitted once again as a new entry, then the system will post a message as it is a duplicate entry and no confirmation number will be provided for this entry.

There are many instances those agents had intercepted the winning notifications and claimed money from the legitimate winners.

So try to submit your entry by yourself.

This year 2015, the draw name is DV-2017 visa lottery program and which is meant for the fiscal year 2017.It had accepted entries for the draw and the results will be available in the year 2016.