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DV Lottery - Iran

Iran born people are allowed to participate in the American diversity visa lottery program as their country is listed as an eligible country for the draw.
If they have the required eligibility regardless of where they are living today, can participate in this draw.
Applicant's age must be more than 18.
All the applicants must have the High School Diploma High school diploma (Diplom-Metevaseth) For Iranian applicants, a theory -based high school degree is considered qualifying education. Iranian applicants who attended theory-based high school should have also completed the pre-university year starting with graduation year 2012 (Iranian year 1391).
Correspondence courses are not considered as qualifying education for Iranian Applicants.
Other types of Iranian high school degrees will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
2 years of work experience within the last 5 years after studying the job and it should be approved one by the by the DOL according to the DV Lottery instructions.

Having more than one husband or wife at the same time is called as Polygamy marriage and it is illegal under American law.

Interview appointments of the Iranian winners cannot be rescheduled for reasons other than serious medical or similar emergencies.

Iranian winners must do their Medical examination in Turkey following the US Embassy's instructions in Ankara.

Iranian family law, based on sharia, is very different from U.S. family law, and can lead to complications in the IV process.

The U.S. government does recognize proxy marriages, but only if the marriage can be proved to be consummated (i.e., the couple were at the same place at the same time).

Revocable divorces are not recognized by the United States. If an applicant received a revocable divorce in Iran, it must be finalized, written as final on the divorce decree and registered in the birth certificate. Applicants with multiple wives MUST divorce all but one before going to the U.S.

Iran Winners in DV-2017 are around 4,500.

Winning in the draw will not give you the required U.S visa directly, but will allow you to apply using the DS-260 online visa application form.

After submitting your DS-260 form get a print out of that page as this will be required on the day of the interview.

All the winners must provide one affidavit of support through the I-134 form that was signed by a LPR holder or Citizen of the USA.

If you don't have sponsor then you must have on arrival job and sufficient fund to survive in the USA without the help of the public funds.

  • Online Visa Application for DV-2017 Winners. Here.
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here.

DV-2018 is the next American visa lottery program that will accept entries from eligible people including Iranians.

Notice about DS-260 form for DV applicants May 30, 2014

U.S. Embassy Ankara is the only location in Turkey where Diversity Visa interviews can be conducted. DV applicants who would like to be interviewed in Turkey may continue to choose Istanbul as their interview location, however interviews will take place in Ankara, Turkey.