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DV Lottery - UK.

5:31 AM 7/8/2016

The American Diversity visa Lottery program does NOT allow the people who were born in the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories to try their luck to get a visa through this program to immigrate to the USA. The reason for the exclusion is that United Kingdom had sent more than 50,000 people within the last 5 years period in to the USA.

For example if you were born in an eligible country like Kenya (or in any other eligible country) and currently living in the United Kingdom as a citizen, you are eligible to submit one application form in to the draw under your birth country's eligibility, if you meet other eligibility like education.

If you were born in U.K and got married to a person who was born in an eligible country (example: Mauritius) you are eligible to participate in claiming the eligibility of your spouse. If you are selected for the program and got the American visas, you can't enter there alone, you must accompany your eligible country born spouse with you.

If one of your parent is coming from an eligible country (e.g.: Ghana) and your birth happened in London while they are staying here for business purpose or studying there you can claim the eligibility of your parents country. (Please read the instruction on eligibility to verify these points perfectly before you play it.)

Those who are eligible to participate in the draw can play it from the UK territories to see whether they lucky to get one of the 50,000 available American Immigrant visas under this program. It is free to participate although you need to pay for the visa processing fees if you are selected as a winner in the draw.

The US Embassy in London avoids processing of DV lottery case numbers and asks the selectees to process their cases in their native country for easy processing.

United Kingdom Visa Lottery.

The UK Government doesn't have any visa lottery program like the American visa lottery to issue entry permits through the computer random name selection. So if you get any email regarding your selection in their draw, ignore it as it is a scam email to get money from you.

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