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DV Lottery for Nigeria.

DV lottery program DV-2016 for the fiscal year 2016 is not allowing Nigeria born people to take part in the draw. Nigeria is one of the countries which had used the DV Lottery program to send thousands of its country people to the USA to work and live legally over there. And for the first time the country had been included in the ineligible country list (first African country to be ineligible) and its natives were not allowed to participate in the DV-2015 draw.

Those who want to participate in the next coming DV-2017 draw must wait and see whether their country is allowed to participate in the draw again. Nigerians who had married partners born in eligible countries can participate in the draw claiming their partner's eligibility.

Those who are from ineligible country can claim their eligibility through their legal spouse birth country.

Marrying a person for to benefit from the visa lottery program or assist in obtaining a USA entry permit is against the law.

It is very rare for the African and Asian born people to get the required entry permit with the support of their work experience.

Married applicant can enter only one spouse as the American Government supports monogamy marriage only.

Winners will need a petitioner (sponsor's) support from U.S citizen or U.S LPR holder through the I-134 form.
Non-refundable diversity visa processing fee of US$ 330 and this should be paid ONLY on the date of their interview at the US Embassy ONLY and this money can be paid in Naira too as per the Embassy instructions. Those who had received the entry permits must pay another US$ 160 to the USCIS office before they are issued with the Green card (LPR).


2015 online results are now available in the official web site.

Winners name list for this program will not be available anywhere.

The U.S Embassy or the Consulates too can't provide the names of the winners, so don't distrub them.

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