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DV Lottery. New Changes.

5:41 AM 02/23/2017

DV 2019 is the next expected visa draw to accept entries through the online application forms in this year 2017. Till now there are not any information available regarding this next coming draw. So we can't provide the commencing and closing dates along with the eligible country list to our readers. Last submitted immigration reform in the USA didn't affect the DV lottery program as many people did expected that the visa lottery is going to be scraped. As per millions of peoples' expectations it had accepted entries for the entry permit draw from eligible people. Now people have to wait to participate in the next coming American visa lottery program that will be called as DV-2019 draw. So far there is no announcement about the new changes for this draw.

DV-2018 American Visa Lottery Program.

According to the US State Department through their visa Bulletin page they said that the DV-2018 accepted entries from eligible people. This year 2017, participants can expect to check their selection results.. Nigeria and the Bangladesh born people were found to be ineligible (NOT eligible) and are NOT allowed to participate in this draw. Mean while Ecuador had been placed in the eligible country list for the DV-2018 visa lottery program. So for this dv2018 program people born in Ecuador and who meets the education/work experience were allowed to participate in the draw, during the entry submission period.

This is the only change in the eligible country list.

Another Strict Announcement.

DV2018 visa lottery applicants were asked not to use their photos that were used in the DV-2017 visa lottery program. If the old photos were used in the entry form they will be disqualified or rejected from the draw later. Photos must be taken within 6 months on the application form submission date. They must meet the laid requirements for to be quality photo file.

Find all the answers for your questions in the DV-2018 visa lottery Instructions.

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