DV Lottery help

DV Lottery for Kenya.

Kenya is one of the eligible country to participate in this American DV Lottery program
If you have the required eligibility your current living location, citizenship or holding another country PR won't affect you from participating in this draw.

Elgibility. Applicants Eligibility

Education requirements for the Kenyan applican as follows:
Must have passed the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) with a minimum average score of D – (Minus). For pre-1986, the Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE) score must be a minimum of Division IV.

Take note it is very difficult to qualify through your work experience, if you are selected as a winner in this program.

  • Online Visa Application for DV Winners DS-260.here
  • Visa Fees: Here
  • Visa Interview: Here
  • Affidavit of Support I-134. Here.

Those who had obtained the USA Entry Permits must pay another processing fee of US$ 165 before their departure to the USA.

"Important News from the US Embassy".

"Beware of unscrupulous individuals who approach "Single" Diversity Lottery Visa winners to have arranged marriages for the purpose of immigration. This would result to failure in obtaining your visa or arrest."

As the program closes on 30th of September, all winners are encouraged to start their processing early enough to avoid disappointment.

DO NOT make any travel arrangement until you have your visas ready with you.