DV Lottery help

Diversity Visa Lottery for Ethiopia.

Ethiopia born people show much interest to take part in this American Government's official DV Lottery program regardless of where they are living today or what country passport they are holding.

Education Requirements to participate in the American Diversity visa lottery program.(Ethiopia)

Ethiopia participants in the DV-2016 can check their selection results now in the official website.

How many people had been selected as winners from Ethiopia under the DV-2016 visa lottery program? Nearly 4,000 winners.

Winners must use the DS-260 online visa form and must get a copy of the bar code page when they attend the interview. .

Online Visa Application for DV 2016 Winners. Here.
Visa Fees: Here
Visa Interview: Here
Affidavit of Support I-134. Here

The Next draw is DV-2017 and it will accept entries in this year - 2015

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Requirements for DV Applicants. ethiopia.usembassy.gov

Requirements for DV Applicants. ethiopia.usembassy.gov

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