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Affidavit of support - DV Lottery Winners.

8:02 AM 6/8/2016

Affidavit of support provided by a petitioner means a sponsorship provided by a well to do person called as Sponsor. This is to assist the DV Lottery winner when he is in need of financial assistance while he is living in the USA. The US Government will provide ONLY the required visas to the winners and nothing else will be provided to them from the Government.

This DV program used to change some of its rules every year and as per the recent requirement, all the selected winners need to provide an Affidavit of support to get their entry permits at the time of their interview. Each winner and his/her dependants must provide one affidavit of support through the form of I-134 from their petitioner. The form should be signed by the petitioner.

So who is this petitioner?

This is the person who is going to give you financial assistance and the other kind of assistance whenever you are in need while you are living in the U.S.A as a LPR holder. The sponsoring person must be US citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident in the USA. The petitioner must have enough income or financial resources and must provide the supporting documents too. There is no filling fee for the form I-134.

Duly filled and signed affidavit of support form must be provided by the winner to the Consular officer on the day of his/her interview. If you can't provide it at the time of the interview, you will be asked to provide it as soon as possible in time. Entry permits are issued on the first come first serve. So be quick to provide it as early as possible before the entry permits exhaust.

What is public charge in the USA?

A person who is looking for financial assistance, food or food stamps, free medical assistance and shelter to live without paying rent, electricity and water bills.

Don't have a sponsor? Then Read this.

According to the DV-2017 visa lottery instructions, those who don't have a sponsor can show that they have on arrival job offer in the USA through proper certified papers along with the proof of their assets and bank balances to proof that they won't become a public charge there.

Anyhow, the final decision on these kinds of job offer and wealthy people will be decided by the Consular officer after verifying all their documents. It is better to contact your Embassy or Consulate and ask their requirements regarding this own sponsorship before you attend the interview.

Affidavit of support for the winners staying in the USA.

Those winners in the USA must provide I-864 form for the Affidavit of support when they seek adjustment of status under the diversity lottery program winning.

In some countries, consular officers may request I-864 form instead of I-134 form.

If you don't meet the eligibility at the time of the interview, you will be given time to bring those necessary documents. You can get the entry permission by showing them the Affidavit of support before 30th September and you will be issued with them, if they don't exhaust at that time.


Don't sell your house, cars, other valuable assets and properties before you are issued with the required American visas. There are chances for the visas to be rejected at the time of the interview.

You can view the form and instructions here. Click on the Link