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DV Lottery Winners - Case Numbers.

Case numbers are given by the KCC only to those people who are selected as winners in the diversity visa lottery program draw.

These numbers will be valid for the given fiscal year draw only. For example the case number of the DV-2015 can't be used in the DV-2017 visa lottery program.

Participants are requested not to confuse with the name "control number" which is not used anywhere from checking the results to getting the endorsed passport.

Confirmation numbers are given to all the applicants who have submitted their entry successfully in to the system. It will work as a password (ticket) to check their selection status online in the results checking facility which is also called as results checking website.

Let's look at the case numbers and its usages in this computer random name selection.

After the entry submission period is over, the officials at the KCC will select nearly 100,000 applicants from the eligible entries as "Selectees" for the given year program. Then they will provide the name selection details in the internet and it will be available for the general public to check their results in the official web site every year from the month of May and onwards.

They used to select names randomly under the 6 Geographical regions from the submitted application forms.

They are,

Applicants selected for the DV-2017 from the Africa region will have the case number starting with 2017 followed by AF and will be followed by the allocated case number. So a typical DV-2017 Africa Case number will look like this 2017AF00005632.

The first selected person will get the 0000001 number and the rest selected in the region will follow in numerically.

The important thing is from 01st of October onwards the visa interviews will commence and the selected winners will be called for the interview according to their case numbers. The person with the number 0000001 will be first asked to come for the interview followed by the numbers up to that month's cut out number in order. These case numbers can be seen in the visa bulletin page, published by the US State Department.

Watch out there is plenty people used to produce fake winner's notification with edited forged numbers through the help of the "Photoshop" program. If you didn't see the winning notification in the online computer screen after entering your details, you are not a selectee. In this case call the KCC before you submit your immigration visa application under the green card lottery program.

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