DV Lottery Help

DV-2019 Results.

DV-2019 Results will be available in the internet by the month of May 2018.

Participants must take notice that the KCC will not send out winners notifications through postal mail or email. Many applicants think that they will get the winning notification through postal mail and email as they had provided these details in the application form. It is wrong. Only way is to check the selection results in the official website when it is available.

Where to check the results?

Current dv program results will be available in the official website in the year 2018.

dv 2018 results online check

How to check the results?

Fill your 16 digits confirmation number. (Lost confirmation number here)

Continue to fill your details.
Fill the "captch" as shown in the image.
Press submit.

If you are selected as a winner you will be shown with the wining letter.

Not selected text message will be shown for the people who are not selected in this draw.

Facts About The DV Results.

It is difficlt to check your results in the first week when it has opened.

This is due to millions of people may try to access the website at a given time.

Winners name list will not be available in the internet.

Photos of the winners will not available in the internet

US Embassies or the Consular offices don't have the winner's name list. So don't call them.