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DV-2018 Results.

8:56 AM 03/21/2017

DV 2018 Result information. This Fiscal year 2018 American diversity visa lottery program is expected to be available in May 2017. Mean while lot of people used to call this draw with the name Green Card lottery , because the draw selection used to provide Green cards at the end of its processing.

Where to Check the DV-2018 Results?

This draw results will be available in the official website of the American Government's dv program website. Selected peoples name list will not be published here. Instead participants will be allowed to use their particulars and submit them and if they match with the stored information, they can see their selection status in that web page. www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/

Anyone can check the selection results?

Only those who had participated in the DV-2018 program in the year 2016 can check their results here. It is very important that the participants must have their confirmation number to check results. This FY program confirmation number starts with 2018. It contains 16 Alphanumeric in mixed format and it will look like 20181O0DZWY3DOD5. Keep this confirmation number in a safe place till the program closes. Currently the result checking facility website is allowing DV-2017 participants only to check their status online.

How to Check My Results?

Go to the official website.
Go to the results checking facility page.
Feed your confirmation number and and the required personal details in that page. If the provided information is true, results will be shown as winner or as not selected.


Selected winners of the draw must, follow the displayed instructions displayed in the screen.

Not Selected?

If you are not selected, don't throw away your confirmation number. Keep it in a safe place as some time you may be asked to check results again. DV-2017 participants were asked to check their selection results again for the second time. They had selected some more winners in the month of September 2016.

Checking Results For Third Party.

Participants can give their confirmation number and personal details to a friend or relative to check their results on behalf of them. Anyone can use these information to chek the results.

Lost Confirmation Number.

Some people had lost their last digit o0f their confirmation number. In this case they can't check this results as their Confirmation Number is invalid. Entering the correct confirmation number will only give the selection results.

If you are unable to recover it contact here for paid service. Here.

Confirmation Number Problem For Africans.

Many African agents used to check participants results, if they had applied through them. Some of them used to give false information about the submission details to their clients. If the agent finds out that you are selected as a winner, he can ask lot of money from you. On the other hand if you are selected with a high case number there may be no chance for you to go for the interview. If you had paid for the agent that money goes in to the drain.

If you had paid for the service of the agent then you have the right to charge him under your country law.

DV lottery 2018 application forms were provided in the registration period and it was opened in the month of October till November in the year 2016.

DV lottery 2019 eligible countries name list will be available soon, in the official instructions.

DV-2019 registration allows only the eligible country born people who meet the basic eligibility requirements of education or work experience.

If you are selected for the DV 2018 draw and coming from any of those banned 6 countries, contact your local US Embassy for more clarification. Otherwise you may lose your visa processing fees and other related expenses.

Source: dvlottery.state.gov