DV-2018 Winner Processing.

10:43 AM 08/19/2017

DV-2018 Winners who had been selected under the American diversity visa program must follow the shown instructions of the results checking website. Also they must get a printout of that winner notification page and should produce on the day of their visa interview along with their documents and passport.

To process with your winning, you must use the online visa application form DS-260. KCC will not accept handwritten or typed visa applications any more as they did before.

To access the DS-260, you will need to enter your DV case number and you must make one account there with a password.

Here is the link for the form. travel.state.gov - travel.state.gov - Submit Visa Application

A separate form should be submitted for each of the dependants even if they are intended to immigrate with the primary applicant. DV-2018 Winners Staying In the United States.

Winners who are residing inside the United States, USCIS will process adjustment of status applications from them.
They must keep watching the visa bulletin to see when their case numbers are becoming current. Then they can start their processing through USCIS office by filing for adjustment of status.

More: uscis.gov

All the winners and their dependants must provide Affidavit of support through I-134 and the winners in the USA may use I-864 affidavit of support form, when filing for adjustment of status in the USA. The sponsor must be a U S citizen or LPR holder.

The person should provide supporting documents about personal income and wealth.

Non Refundable Visa Processing fee is US$330 for each person.

This is Non-refundable visa producing fee and it will not be returned if your visa is refused or rejected.

DV winners will not get any postal mail, email or through phone calls regarding their selection in the draw.

Interview letters (second letter) will be provided through the website where you had submitted their DS-260 visa application form.

Higher case numbers may not be called for the visa interviews.

Lost confirmation number visit dv-confirmation.com

We don't have any connection with the US Govt or it's offices