DV Lottery Help

DV-2017 American Diversity Visa Lottery Results.

DV-2017 American diversity program had announced its selection results were provided in the American Governments official website from the month of May 2016.

Participants can check their selection results NOW through this official website. If participants had provided their personal details of the DV-2017 to their friends or representatives too can check these persons results during this time.
The DV-2017 online selection result was checked by millions of people had accessed this web page to check their selection results within few days of its opening.

Time to time during the first three days, the website went down due to heavy traffic. Also it displayed the text as the season has expired.

People were forced to begin their checking process multiple times with a new page.
Participants who had participated in the DV-2016 in the year 2014 also were allowed to check their online selection results till September 2016.

DV-2018 Results.

A participant can access this website to see whether they are selected as winners in this fiscal year draw or not by feeding their confirmation number and personal details in the required fields and then feeding the shown "captcha" image code and then pressing the submit button.

Type of results displayed in the web page will have one of the following information in it according to the provided data. Winner - Can proceed with the winning and will be allowed to apply for the American immigrant visa under the normal procedure Not selected under the DV-2018 program.

DV-2017 Full Selection Results

Result is not available for this candidate. Again feed your correct confirmation number, personal details and the shown "captcha" image code.

If you see "Session expired." Start the process again with a newly opened webpage.
The results will be shown in the website, then and there, if the provided information is correct.
If you are selected as winner in the DV-2018,you will be shown with the winning notification with a case number and the instruction on how to proceed with your selection for the American visa.

If not selected under the current selection draw, don't feel sorry. You can apply for the coming diversity visa lottery program. If you had made double entry or had lost your confirmation number you can contact www.dv-confirmation.com for to recover it for a small fee.

Don't throw away your dv-2018 confirmation number after checking your selection results as the participants are requested to keep them till 30th September2018. This was announced by the U.S State Department.

If you don't know to check your results, then you can provide the required details and ask someone else who have access to the internet to check your results on behalf of yourself.

It is fee to check your online selection status and there is no limit on how many times you can check your results online in that website.

KCC WILL NOT send the selection results to the individual applicants by postal mail, email, fax or phone. If you get any notification through one of this method, don't fall prey for it. It must be a scam one to cheat your mail. Never send money through bank or other means to obtain American visas as it is NOT a normal procedure to do so.

If you are not selected in this year draw, wait for the next lottery DV-2019 to participate in the later part of this year. The Embassies and consular offices don't have the winners name lists, details, photos or other information od the selected winners. So don't visit their offices or make phone cals and disturb them.

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