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DV-2017 Application Form.

DV-2017 American visa lottery form will not be available in the internet any more as the DV-2017 Application form was provided in the official website in the year 2015 to apply for the draw. People were allowed to download the form, fill and submit it back to participate in the draw through the official website. So if you are interested to participate in the green card lottery program in this year, wait for the American State Departments' on the commencing and closing dates of this name selection program in this year 2016.

This is one of the American Government sponsored program which is officially called as the Diversity Visa Lottery program. This program will allow 50,000 lucky eligible people to immigrate to the USA, using the American immigrant visas under any fiscal year program, if they meet all the required eligibility requirements that are published in the official Instructions.

DV-2017 Application Form

Last year 33 Days were given to submit the online entries and the entry forms were provided through the American Government website. During this application submission period people who were confident that they were eligible to participate in this program were allowed to fill and submit their application form along with their digital photo file which should meet the given photo requirements. As per today the program is closed and you can't submit any entries to this draw.

Married people who want to participate in this computer random name selection draw were requested to include their spouse and all the eligible children in the E-DV entry form. Eligible children mean those children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 which included previous marriage children and the one who are legally adopted by the winner. Don't forget to enter your previous marriage children, children of your spouse from previous marriage and all the children who are legally adopted. It is not necessary to include those children who are American LPR holders or American Citizens. Failure to do so will end up being removed from the program for this mistake.

Participants were allowed to submit ONLY one Entry per person with their names as primary applicant in the draw. If more than one entry is submitted with their name as primary applicant to the draw, the system will not provide a confirmation number and will display that there is already one entry had been submitted with the provided details.

Polygamy marriages are not accepted by the USA, so you can include only one spouse in the application form.

Prepare each person's individual digital photo file according to the instructions.

Your birth country is the main eligibility to participate in this visa lottery program. For example you may have born in Iran and you are now living in Turkey holding Turkish passport, you are allowed to participate in this draw claiming your birth country Iran.

When the program starts to accept entries through their official website download the form fill it and submit it with your digital photo files within the given 60 minutes time period. If failed to submit the downloaded application form in the given time period, a new form should be downloaded and the process should start once again.

Once you had submitted your entry, you will be shown with a confirmation number, keep this given confirmation number as it will act as password to check your online selection status in the coming year 2016 under this draw.

Being selected in the program as winner will not provide you with the required American visa, but you will have to proof your eligibility at the interview by paying US$ 330 as visa processing fee by hand, ONLY to the US Embassy on the day of your interview. If your visa is rejected for any given reason the visa processing fee will not be refunded to you. You can't apply against that decision too.

Source: dvlottery.state.gov