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DV-2015 is Officially Closed.

DV-2015 visa lottery program was closed on 30th September 2015 midnight and after this date those who had been selected under this fiscal year program must accept that their selection go as Null. There is no place to complain about DV-2015 visa lottery program. If your case had been rejected at the time of the interview you can't complaint against the outcome. If your case is pending and if no visas are allocated for you, your case is closed. Try the next coming visa lottery program.

As per the U.S State Department announcement the final case numbers for the month of September 2015 had been announced. So there is no more case numbers will be published for the DV-2015 winners as the next visa bulletin will carry the case numbers for the current visa lottery program winners only.

Check your case number according to your selection region. Keep your fingers crossed as if there are visas available before the 30th September under this fiscal year program, you will have the chance for to be called for the interview. Keep watching your page by login.

Visa Bulletin. travel.state.gov

DV-2015 is Officially Closed

Adjusting your Status in America through USCIS office. uscis.gov

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