DV Lottery help

Canada DV Lottery.

American Government allows eligible people who are living in Canada to participate in their annually held DV-Lottery program, if their birth country is eligible one. Participants must have been born in eligible countries like Sri Lanka or Ghana etc.

Those people who were born in Canada are not eligible to participate in this draw even if they are holding some other eligible country passport or citizenship.

Canada Visa Lottery.

Canada visa lottery or green card lottery is not operated by the Canadian Government or through its offices. Some individuals and some private companies do advertise in the internet and are using some other program under this name to make money for them.

Importantly one company says if you are a winner in their draw they will pay your Canadian visa processing fee and will assist you to immigrate there easily.

So you can understand that this system is operated by people who want to make money for them. If you want to apply for a student,
Immigrant or visitor permit to visit Canada, go to the nearest Embassy. There you can get their application forms, instruction and advice from them. Pay the processing fees only to that embassy personally. Read more information in their official web site.

USA is the only country that is offering entry permits to live and work there through the name selection draw from all over the world.

The program is conducted annually to issue 50,000 American immigrant permits to eligible people.

So don't look for the so called fake Canadian visa lottery program or don't try to participate in it, if any thing available in the internet with this ame. This will be a money losing game and may give you more troubles and financial problems too.

There are plenty of web sites says that they are operating to provide assistance for this program too. Beware of them.

If you need any assistance go to the nearest Canadian High Commission and verify the matter with them.

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