DV Lottery help

Apply to DV Lottery through Smartphone or Tablet

Submitting your application form for the American diversity visa lottery program is possible through your iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 plus, 5S or through your Samsung Galaxy, Lumia, HTC or through any other top Smartphone, iPad and tablets, during application forms submission period.

Next expected Visa draw: DV-2018

DV-2018 Results Through Smartphone.

First of all make sure that your birth country is eligible to participate in the draw and you had got all the required education/work experience to match the DV Lottery requirements.

Capture your own photo with your Smartphone or tablet and can edit it according to the instructions as most of the devices come with great pixels or you can transfer a photo from your camera or PC. We recommend you to go to a professional photographer and to take digital photo with good lighting. Ask the studio to make the file size acceptable to the program and then get that image file in to your hand held gadget before applying for the draw.