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Diversity Visa Program.

Diversity visa program (Green Card Lottery) is designed to allow people from low immigrating countries to live the USA to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. This is an official program run by the American Government. To take part in this program, applicants must have born in one of the eligible countries and must have passed the High School Certificate. This is one and only kind of program in the world. It used to allow people to immigrate to the USA and live and work there with their families legally as long as they want. Countries which had sent more than 50,000 people to America within the last 5 years can't participate in this program. Nigeria and Bangladesh born people are not allowed to participate along with some other countries.

Benefits of American Green Card.

  • Will allow you to work and live in the USA, as long as you want.
  • Can travel freely through the American borders. (You don't need visas)
  • You can continue with your higher studies.
  • Card holders can sponsor certain relatives.
  • Living 5 years continuously with Green Card in the USA, will allow you to apply for the Citizenship.

New Green Card Fee for USCIS after Visa Issuance.

Got the visa and ready to settle in the USA?

DV Lottery Winners in the USA.
Multiple Entries Will Disqualify DV Winner.


DV-2019 draw had accepted entries in the year 2017.
Results will be available as online selection results.

DV-2018 Program.

DV 2018 American diversity visa program had accepted entries through the online website.
Visas are being provided to the eligible winners.
The visa processing will close on 30th September 2018.
DV-2018 Results are now available to check the selection status.

Next Coming DV Lottery.

DV-2020 visa lottery program is the next expected American visa lottery program. It will allow people to participate and check their luck to immigrate to the USA under this program. To apply for this draw, you will have to wait some more months as the program will accept online entries in this year 2018. There are no firm announcements from the State Department regarding the abolishment of this American diversity visa program.

Diversity Visa Lottery Eligibility:

  • Participant must have born in any of the eligible countries as per the US State Department, regardless of where they are living today or what passport they are holding.
  • Applicants' age must be more than 18 years to meet the educational requirements. There is no, maximum age limit for the participants.
  • Participant must have successfully completed the High School Certificate (Equivalent to American High School Degree.) after studying in junior and high schools for 12 years.
  • Or must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years in a profession after learning/studying it for 2 years.
    (More information available in the DOL web site, regarding the acceptable jobs for the draw)
  • Single or married will be allowed to submit ONLY one entry with his name as primary applicant.
  • Married person must include her/his spouse and all their children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. This must include all their natural children, both their previous marriage children, legally adopted children. Children who are citizen or LPR holder in the America should not be included in the Green card lottery application form.
  • If a person tries to submit duplicate entries in the Green Card lottery program, it will be rejected by the system.
  • Each entry must include the primary applicant's digital photo file and each of her/his dependants' individual digital photo files' as per the DV instructions.

Application Form.

  • The American visa lottery E-DV entry will be available in the Official dv lottery website in the announced 30 days only.
  • Application form should be filled and submitted back within the 60 minutes of time period, after downloading it.
  • Application form can't be saved and used later.
  • Once your entry is accepted you will be shown with a unique confirmation number (ticket).
  • Write down or copy this and save it. This code will be issued only once.
  • We want to remind you that there used to be a big rush during the closing days of the application submission period every year. So apply early to avoid the rush.

Those who had lost the DV-2019 and DV-2018 confirmation number can contact bbsnetting@yahoo.com (Professional Service) Or visit DV Confirmation (Professional Service)

Those who are with high case numbers and don't have hope in getting visa interview, can participate in the next coming diversity visa lottery program.

The winners will not be given with the American immigrant visas right away. Instead they will be asked to follow the normal immigrant visa procedures and to submit their visa application. Later when they are ready to attend the visa interview, they must pay the required visa processing fees of US$ 330 and have to proof their eligibility to obtain the American immigrant visa that they had won through the name selection draw.

Diversity Visa Lottery Requirements For The Winners:

  • They must provide an Affidavit of Support at the time of the visa interview from An American Citizen or American LPR holder.
  • Winners must provide Medical examination from Doctors only by who are recommended by the US Embassy.
  • Persons banned by US Immigration, those with criminal and other unwanted activities are not eligible for the USA visas.
  • Neglect to include any of his dependants in the DV Application form, will be disqualified from the draw

DV-2017, DV Program.

Diversity program DV-2017 and DV-2016 program are now closed.
Those winners selected under these draws can't benefit from their selection any more.

Avoid Following things to Keep Your Green Card.

  • Don't vote in any USA elections.
  • Not allowed to hold certain positions in the USA.
  • Pay your taxes annually; also register your current address.
  • You must live clean life as any serious conviction will lead to deportation.

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